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Secret Video Recorder - SVR

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Beschrijving van Secret Video Recorder - SVR

One touch high quality secret video recorder runs in background.

Watch rewarded ads to get coins in SVR wallet. Earn more coins to record more duration. (conversion: 10 coins = 1 min of recording time)

Full HD (High Definition)Background video recording using both front and back cameras. You can record with the maximum video quality available with your device. (Note: Reduce video quality to record longer duration otherwise your SD card will be filled up very soon depends on your device camera availability ).

This application installs two launcher icons. Tap 'recorder' icon to record / Tap 'settings' to change recording settings. 'Recorder' icon can be customised to any of the listed icons like Notepad, Map, Microphone, Gallery, Photos, Settings, Mail etc.,

You can also schedule in 'Auto record' screen to start background video recording at a scheduled time.

Depends on device manufacturer it makes notification sound while starting to record. So please change shutter mute mode in 'SpyC Recorder settings' screen. If none of the mode works, then you can opt for 'Manual unmute' mode.

Recording background video orientation can be modified based on your needs.

Notifications, screen messages and vibration feedback can be turned on and off.

Preview size are customizable range from 10% - 50% of your device width and drag-able to keep anywhere in your device screen. Secret video recorder even works with device lock mode. And other non camera related applications also usable while recording. Even recording work during phone call. (Note: Preview can also be turned off)

Features listing:

# Earn rewarded coins in SVR wallet to record till your last coin. (conversion: 10 coins = 1 min of recording time)

# Automatic (scheduled) background video recording.

# One touch recording

# Tap to start/stop recording.

# Background / secret video recording.

# Silent recording.

# Change recording launcher icon.

# Customizable preview size up to 50% of screen width.

# Manage all recorder videos at one place.

# Cool user interface.

# Hide video from Gallery.

# Option to disable recording notification/screen message/error message.

# Can record during phone call.

# Can record without preview.

# Preview available during recording if required.

# Enable flash if required and available in device.

# Option to record Front camera if available in your device.

# Choose recording resolution.

# If you are not sure about resolution, then simply choose high / low resolution.

# Set recording Duration.

# Set recording Orientation.

# In the app video playback, No External folder view application required..

# Battery check available to avoid long video recording crash due to low battery.

# Space availability check to avoid space unavailability crash.

# Set password to ensure authorized application settings modifications.

# Better video record management.

# Update video recording notes in details page.

Note for existing users: After updating to version 3.0 you cannot view the previous video records through the app. However you can view those file using file manager apps. Please clear app data in Android settings if app crashes @ after upgrade. Else you can uninstall and reinstall it again for clean copy.

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